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Hair Unit

Hair Units at Groomurrs

Baldness doesnt have to be a choice! Now at Groomurrs we offer hair units made from real hair that will look and feel and be styled just like your real hair. Our professionals will carefully clean the area, pick the perfect unit that matches your existing hair, and apply it seamlessly. Then they will cut and style it to your preference. You’ll look great and will be able to do all the things you’d do with your actual hair such as bathing and swimming. Hair units last for about 6-8 weeks before needing to be reapplied. For more information on whether this would be a good idea for you, speak to one of our professionals 

I have my confidence back

“I look like I did back in my twenties. The hair unit looks great and noone can tell it isnt my realy hair. I finall have my confidence back!”

Hair Units start at $550

Have full head of real hair again.

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